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Books by Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe

Eye and Art in Ancient Greece: A Study in Archaeoaesthetics
Harvey Miller, 2018
Print Publishing in Sixteenth-Century Rome: Growth and Expansion, Rivalry and Murder
Harvey Miller, 2008
Copyright in the Renaissance: Prints and the Privilegio in Sixteenth-Century Venice and Rome
Brill, 2004


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    eBooks by Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe

    An Introduction to Art and Culture in Ancient Egypt.
    Art in Ancient Egypt Volume 1
    Apple Books, 2019
    A Survey Art in Ancient Egypt from Predynastic Times to the Graeco-Roman Period.
    Art in Ancient Egypt Volume 2
    Apple Books, 2019
    Art’s History in Europe Part 1: Prehistoric Europe, Egypt, Near East, Aegean, Greece
    Apple Books, 2014
    The Visual Experience of ART
    Apple Books, 2012
    Venus of Willendorf
    Apple Books, 2013
    853 Beautiful Victorian Paintings
    Apple Books, 2014