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Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe

Spring 2015

  • Two in-class presentations and written reports
    • Each in-class presentation approximately 15 to 20 minutes long
    • Written report approximately 5 to 7 pages (hand in at the conclusion of your presentation)
    • For each report, select one artist/image from the list below (two total)
    • In your report, describe and analyse the image and then discuss in terms of historical context and stylistic choices
    • The aim and purpose of your report and presentation is to provide information, analysis, explanation, clarification that goes beyond whatever Harris may offer in the textbook
    • Provide a bibliography listing books, articles, and Internet sources used/accessed

    February 19

    • Milea Webb, Domenichino, The Virgin and the Unicorn, Harris 1.59

    • Caroline McDonald, Guido Reni, Abduction of Helen, Harris 1.71

    March 19

    • Kara Harpham, Francesco Borromini, Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza, Harris 1.86-87

    • Abigail Strohmeyer, Pietro da Cortona, Rape of the Sabine Women, Harris 1.122

    March 31

    • Virginia Whitfield, Anthony van Dyck, Queen Henrietta Maria with Sir Jeffrey Hudson, Harris 2.51

    • Angel Huynh, Jacob Jordaens, "As the Old Sing, so the Young Pipe", Harris 2.56

    April 9

    • Virginia Whitfield, Francisco de Zurbarán, Virgin and Christ in the Holy House, Harris 3.25

    • Abigail Strohmeyer, Juan de Valdés Leal, In Ictu Oculi, Harris 3.51

    April 21

    • Milea Webb, Louis Le Vau, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Harris 4.10-11

    • Angel Huynh, Simon Vouet, The Fortune Teller, Harris 4.30

    May 5

    • Kara Harpham, Hendrik ter Brugghen, The Concert, Harris 5.4

    • Caroline McDonald, Peter Lely, Ladies of the Lake Family, Harris 6.7