End-of-Term Take-Home Essay Topics

due April 28

Prepare and write TWO (2) End-of-Term Take-Home Essays. Select TWO topics from the list provided below. Each essay should be 3-to-5 pages in length. Print each essay and hand in at 3:00 p.m. on April 28.

  1. Architectural Sculpture 500-100 BCE

  2. Greeks and Amazons in Ancient Greek Art 500-100 BCE

  3. Athletes, Warriors, and Gods 500-100 BCE

  4. Death, Dying, and Mourning in Ancient Greek Art 500-100 BCE

  5. The Female Body in Ancient Greek Art 500-100 BCE

  6. Expression and Action in Ancient Greek Sculpture and Painting 500-100 BCE

  7. Temple Architecture: Classical to Hellenistic

Take time to prepare each essay. Review pertinent sections in Pedley and in your class notes and carefully select four to six or so images you feel will best illustrate the points you wish to make. For each topic, analyse and comment on treatment and changes made over time, with examples drawn, whenever possible, from Classical, 4th Century, and Hellenistic.

Each essay asks you to gather together information pertinent to your topic and to organize and write about it in an informed, thoughtful, and reflective way. I am mostly interested in your grasp of the material, and in your ability to write about it in a clear and cogent manner.

Seek to demonstrate your understanding of each topic through the completeness and complexity of your essay. I expect you to employ the correct terms to describe what you are discussing. You may use your class notes, textbook, and other research resources that you feel will enable you to compose the best possible analysis and discussion of each topic. Beware of plagiarism.