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The Course
    This course will examine the art of ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period. It will also study important archeological sites and reflect on the role played by archaeologists and art historians in the reconstruction of the past and the ways in which Greek art has been interpreted and explained in the modern era.

    Meeting Time and Place

    • Monday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:00 in Pannell 202

    Required Textbook

      Greek Art and Archaeology
      Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe

      The textbook for the course, Greek Art and Archaeology, is provided free in the form of an iBook. Also provided on a contractual loan basis is an iPad, if needed.

    Student Responsibilities / Requirements

    • Active class participation, which includes being prepared for each class and taking part in discussion.

    • Two Essays, for inclusion in an iBook: Essays on Aspects of Greek Art and Archaeology

        1. Each essay should be the equivalent of 4-to-6 pages in length and illustrated with at least four high quality, fully captioned images selected from Wikimedia Commons. Images and captions can be compiled into an iBook Gallery, organized into a Keynote presentation, or composed into an iMovie.
        2. Extensive research is expected. Search for information in books in the library and through Interlibrary Loan, in articles through JStor, in qualifying essays online, and in entries from pertinent museum websites. All sources should be listed in a Bibliography on a separate page.
        3. Text and captioned images should be sent to me by the specified deadlines. I will insert the material into the iBook and make it available for you to download.

      • SCHEDULE:
        • FIRST ESSAY (Aegean to Orientalizing)
          Select the first topic from the contents of Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in Witcombe
          1. Hard copy due Monday, FEBRUARY 19
          2. Returned for revisions Monday, FEBRUARY 26
          3. Final revised digital copy due Friday, MARCH 2

          Select a topic from the contents of the following list of chapters:

          1. CYCLADIC
            • Women in Cycladic Art
            • Figurines of Musicians in Cycladic Art
          2. MINOAN
            • Minoan Pottery Decoration Margaret Lamphier Meier
            • Minoan Figurines (Forms of Dress and Actions)
            • Bulls in Minoan Culture Catherine Bray
            • Minoan Architecture
            • The Palace at Phaistos
            • The Phaistos Disc Sarah Hoeing
            • The Aghia Triadha Sarcophagus Phoenix Brown
            • The Harvester Vase
            • Minoan jewellery
            • Women Archaeologists on Crete Bailey Goebel
            • Women in Minoan Art and Culture Shelby Benny
            • Frescoes in the House of the Ladies, Akrotiri
            • The Ship Procession Fresco, Akrotiri
          3. MYCENAEAN
            • Priam's Treasure
            • Mycenaean Pottery
            • Shaft Graves at Mycenae Rachel Ransone
            • Mycenaean Tholos Tombs
            • The Vaphio Cups
            • The Mycenaean Megaron
            • The Pylos Combat Agate Melissa Vandiver
            • Women in Mycenaean Art and Culture
          4. PROTOGEOMETRIC (c. 1050-900 BCE)
            • Findings at Lefkandi
            • Protogeometric Pottery
          5. GEOMETRIC (c. 900-700 BCE)
            • Dipylon Vases Jordan Elliott
            • Geometric Sculpture
            • Women in Geometric Art
          6. ORIENTALIZING (c. 700-600 BCE)
            • Orientalizing Pottery Decoration
            • Orientalizing Sculpture
            • Women in Orientalizing Art

            SECOND ESSAY (Archaic to Hellenistic)
            Select the second topic from the contents of Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 in Witcombe

            1. Hard copy due Monday, APRIL 16
            2. Returned for revisions Monday, APRIL 23
            3. Final revised digital copy due Friday, APRIL 27

            Select a topic from the contents of the following list of chapters:

          7. ARCHAIC (c. 600-480 BCE)
            • The Male Nude in the Archaic Period
            • Statues of Women in the Archaic Period
            • Archaic Temple Design
            • Medusa and the Gorgons
            • Archaic Black-Figure Pottery Decoration
            • Archaic Red-Figure Pottery Decoration
            • Exekias: Master Painter and Potter
            • Archaic Red-Figure Pottery
          8. CLASSICAL (c. 480-400 BCE)
            • The Riace Warriors Melissa Vandiver
            • Images of Athletes in Ancient Greece Margaret Lamphier Meier
            • Grave Markers: Remembering the Dead in Ancient Greece Jordan Elliott
            • Building the Parthenon
            • Elgin Marbles
            • Battle of Lapiths and Centaurs Catherine Bray
            • Stories of Herakles on Painted Pottery
            • Stories on Greek Vases Bailey Goebel
            • White-ground pottery
          9. FOURTH CENTURY (c. 400-323 BCE)
            • Mausoleum of Halikarnassos Rachel Ransone
            • Amazons in the Ancient Greek World
            • Battle of Greeks and Amazons
          10. HELLENISTIC (c. 323-31 BCE)
            • Great Altar of Pergamum Sarah Hoeing
            • Battle of Gods and Giants
            • Battling the Gauls: The Attlid Monument
            • The Story and Statue of Laocoön Shelby Benny
            • Victory Figures and the Nike of Samothrace
            • Aphrodite of Knidos: The Goddess and Her Statues
            • The Design and Functioning of Greek Theaters Phoenix Brown
            • Hellenistic Temples

      Essays on Aspects of Greek Art and Archaeology
      Shelby Benny, Catherine Bray, Phoenix Brown, Jordan Elliott, Bailey Goebel, Sarah Hoeing, Margaret Lamphier Meier, Rachel Ransone, Melissa Vandiver


  • Regular attendance is required at all class meetings listed in the schedule. If you unable to attend a class meeting, you must inform me by email in advance. Unexplained absences from class meetings may result in a lowering of your grade.


  • First Essay = 40%
  • Second Essay = 40%
  • Participation & Attendance = 20%

PLEASE NOTE: Any requirements not fulfilled at the end of the semester will result in a notice of failure for the course


  • Pannell 203 (meetings by appointment)
  • phone: 6194
  • email:

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