Third Exercise & Presentation

  • Exercise 3: Image Branding / Promotion Analysis

    Write a two-part paper and prepare a 20-minute presentation on ONE of the following topics. Topic suggestions, with some examples:

    • Corporate / Business Image (website, logo, Facebook page, advertising/marketing)

    • Institution Image (website, logo, Facebook page, advertising/marketing)

    • Commercial advertising campaign

    • Non-commercial campaign

    • Magazine cover design

    • Movie promotion (trailers, posters, television commercials, merchandising)

    • Design and Composition of an Art Exhibition (on campus)

    • Design and Decoration: Room on SBC campus

    • College Men: Image (clothing, presentation)

    • College Women: Image (clothing, presentation)

Part 1 (7–10 pages): Analyse your topic in the following ways:

  1. Seeing and Looking: How did the image(s) (designs/compositions) catch your attention?
  2. Impressions: Comment on the use color, line, shape, texture, space in terms of their use in creating an effective or appropriate image
  3. Associations: Identify the types of visual information employed (identifiable objects and/or figures) and analyse their place and role in the design/composition
  4. Visual Effectiveness: Consider the intent or purpose of the overall content and composition of the image(s)/designs/compositions - sell a product, tell a story, provide information or educate, protest, entertain, promote pleasure or delight, attract or seduce - and then discuss how the image(s)/designs/compositions are effective in this regard.

Part 2 (3–6 pages): Write a critical analysis of your selected topic describing:

  1. your own response to the images/designs/compositions in both visual and psychological terms.
  2. identify the parts and/or overall design/composition that you found most interesting or provocative
  3. explain why they affected you in this way
Comment, too, on the parts and/or overall design/composition that failed to interest you. Suggest ways in which the image(s)/design/composition might be improved to increase effectiveness and fulfil the desired intent or purpose.

  • Prepare a twenty-minute presentation of your analysis for oral presentation in the classroom using digital sources for your selected examples